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  1. Designer /
  2. Illustrator /
  3. Motion Designer


Awkward, Meticulous, Funny


Freelance Illustrator at Ethena Jul 2021 — Jul 2021 New York, NY, USA

Freelance Designer at State Design Nov 2020 — Nov 2020 Los Angeles, CA, USA

Freelance Designer at Team Epiphany Oct 2020 — Oct 2020 New York, NY, USA

Freelance Designer at The Furrow Sep 2020 — Sep 2020 Lexington-Fayette, KY, USA

Freelance Designer at Cookie Studio Sep 2020 — Sep 2020 London, United Kingdom

Freelance Part-Time Illustrator/Animator at Kikoff Aug 2020 — Feb 2021 San Francisco, CA, USA

Freelance Design Contractor & Consultant at theSkimm Sep 2019 — May 2020 Manhattan, NY, USA

Design and Animation Intern at Buck Jun 2018 — Jun 2019 Brooklyn, NY, USA

Clients include theSkimm, Qualcomm, AT&T, Harvard Business Review, The Furrow, State Design, Team Epiphany, Deodato, Ogilvy, Cookie Studio, Ethena, Bulletin, Abodu, Armoire, Goode Health

Illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design Attended 2014 — 2018

WNW Member #82723