Eligh & Amp Live / Therapy at 3 LP

Eligh of the Living Legends and Amp Live of Zion I teamed up to present a collaborative album titled, "Therapy at 3". The album title was inspired by the duo's unconstrained and unformatted recording process. Viewed as therapy sessions, the format allowed Eligh to write each song free form, spilling whatever was on his mind. I managed all digital facets of marketing for the Bay underground hip-hop pioneers' collaborative LP, including creative concepts, production, digital & physical release strategies, licensing and tour PR/street team marketing. The album was listed as NPR Best Rap Albums of the Year. A remix contest was conceptualized and kicked off with success leading to an official remix album.

Project Roles
Producer, Strategist
Art Direction, Marketing Strategy, Music, Wordpress
Music, Music Videos, Photography, Visual Designs
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Eligh & Amp Live / Therapy at 3 LP
Eligh & Amp Live / Therapy at 3 LP
Eligh & Amp Live / Therapy at 3 LP