Fellow Products | Coffee Playground

Situation Fellow Products disrupted the kettle industry with their sleek Stagg kettle. After two successful Kickstarters, Fellow opened up their first showroom on Valencia Street, San Francisco's coffee mecca. With limited products to sell, Fellow struggled with how to differentiate their store and create a community of new and loyal customers. Fellow approached the studio to rethink the purpose of their store. We were responsible for defining their retell story and programming calendar. Solution Knowing that "play" was a vital component to convert their customers, we worked with Fellow to transform their storefront from a hands off "Kettle Museum" to an immersive "Coffee Playground". What resulted was an annual programming calendar that positioned Fellow as an "unfiltered friend of the coffee industry" giving people the tools they needed to navigate the often complex and intimidating world of coffee. The story was brought to life through a 12-month programming calendar based on curated themes that resonated with coffee lovers.

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Fellow Products | Coffee Playground
Fellow Products | Coffee Playground
Fellow Products | Coffee Playground