Braised & Confused

During the COVID-19 lockdown, I found myself doing two things: cooking a lot and talking to people on the internet a lot. I decided to put the two together in a lo-fi podcast about food, ingredients and cooking techniques. Braised & Confused is a podcast with short episodes (all at or under 20 minutes) of Zoom-party-friendly conversation. Instead of talking about all those anti-mask people throwing corona parties, talk about the Mormon's love of Jell-o! Instead of panicking about the future of our country's democracy, explore how Fernet Branca made it through prohibition! The podcast is all of my creation: I research, interview, record, edit, publish and publicize it to keep myself sane and busy.

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Creative Director, Editor (Brand/Content), Executive Producer, Writer
Creative Direction, Creative Research, Creative Strategy, Post-Production, Sound Editing, User Interviews
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Braised & Confused
Braised & Confused
Braised & Confused