Design Thinking + Creative Problem Solving (Multiple projects)

I’ll just say it. Nothing bothers me more than a wasted brainstorm. Usually, this looks like a bunch of people in a room, Slinkies and Play-Doh on the table—all hanging on the hope that 'genius' will strike. Most of the time, attendees leave with vague directions and unclear paths forward. In reality, a productive brainstorm requires several key ingredients. 1. A robust Discovery session—resulting in several insights that will drive the next phase. 2. A deliberately designed and orchestrated Ideation—with careful facilitation of the creative collaboration process. 3. A convergent Refinement session evaluates creative work and determines next steps. Ultimately, this is all a part of the Creative Problem Solving Process—a scaleable method utilized by global creative titans like IDEO and BBDO—and the foundation of Design Thinking. As someone who has designed and facilitated countless ideations, I’ve applied these strategies to help clients like Kellogg, Sherwin Williams, Maytag, and KitchenAid break out of “what exists” to develop innovative campaign concepts and product ideas. If you are interested in learning more about that, let’s chat. Otherwise, here are some quick tips to elevate the brainstorm phase of your next creative challenge.

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Design Thinking + Creative Problem Solving (Multiple projects)
Design Thinking + Creative Problem Solving (Multiple projects)
Design Thinking + Creative Problem Solving (Multiple projects)