Maytag Omni-channel Marketing Tactic

In 2018, we recognized a specific opportunity for Maytag to finally bridge the gap between the online and in-store experience for its consumers. Our research and and understanding of the in-store experience helped us develop a valuable insight: Online shoppers have ALL the information, but no physical product to explore. Shoppers in the store have products to explore, but not all the information they need. In other words... ONLINE SHOPPERS NEED ACCESS TO REAL PRODUCTS. IN-STORE SHOPPERS NEED ACCESS TO INFORMATION. Printed materials provided shoppers with an easy VanityURL where they could find out more. Once there, they were asked a series of questions to determine what type of information would be most helpful. This experience provided the balance of information and product shoppers needed and has been replicated to drive sales year over year. • +7X conversion rate from the previous year • 67% click-through-rate in the store to the campaign website • 90% of those shoppers ended up clicking through to access Maytag’s main product website, indicating the in-store web experience was successful in driving shoppers further in their decision journey

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Maytag Omni-channel Marketing Tactic
Maytag Omni-channel Marketing Tactic
Maytag Omni-channel Marketing Tactic