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Freelance Senior Creative Technologist. OUTFRONT. New York, NY, USA. BOOM! Nuff said.


OUTFRONT XLabs is the award-winning, cross-disciplinary, creative innovation group focused on the intersection of human-centered design and outdoor media. The group is dedicated to integrating emerging technologies into out-of-home to power cutting-edge creativity, today and tomorrow.

OUTFRONT XLabs employs an always-on prototyping methodology that translates valuable insights gathered through sales inputs, industry trends, press phenomena, emerging technologies, and our imagination into advanced OOH capabilities for our trusted partners.

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3-6 years


CSS, Front-End Development, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, NodeJS, Python, React.js, Ruby on Rails, Spark AR, Unity, Unreal Engine, Vue.js, WebGL

Date Posted

September 27, 2022

Budget Pay Range

$90,000 - $100,000

Managed By

Chad Shackelford


  • Generous VacationGenerous Vacation
  • Work From HomeWork From Home

Fine Print

The Role
The role of a Creative Technologist falls somewhere between technology, design, and coding. As a creative technologist, you may find yourself deploying your practical coding skills to prototype a new UX wireframe for a client, and then using your creative know-how to oversee the building of the final product. You should be unafraid to take risks, explore new technologies and assert your own ideas while working comfortably with the rest of your team, other departments, and clients.

• Exploring and integrating new technologies to drive innovation and speculative tech solutions
• Brainstorming concepts with the design team
• Demonstrating and testing prototypes and completed applications
• Analyze creative concepts, wireframes, and prototypes and advise the team of any concerns and/or recommendations to contribute to the project’s success.
• Oversee the product development life cycle from concept ideation through execution
• Assisting in coding projects for websites and HTML layouts
• Learning the software that powers our digital inventory to schedule and build new capabilities
• Lead efforts for ongoing improvement of development infrastructure and optimization of development processes
• Articulate complex technologies and ideas in a clear and simple manner to influence both internal and external stakeholders as necessary
• Documenting development processes, procedures, and application version histories
• Keeping abreast with advancements in application design and new technologies

• 4+ years Front End Development experience. Preferably in agencies
• Demonstrable industry knowledge
• Fluency with front-end development frameworks and layout systems such as Bootstrap, Foundation, React, and Vue
• Proficiency in a handful of languages such as JS, Python, ruby, etc
• Proficiency in a handful of technologies such as Unity, Arduino, ThreeJS/PixiJS, Touch Designer, etc
• Experience with headless CMS and SPA frameworks
• Proficiency in using AWS services. (Lambda, S3, Cloudront, EC2, etc)
• Comfort with version control workflows and tools (preferably Git)
• Experience with augment reality tools Spark AR, Lens Studio, WebAR
• Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Knowledge of good testing and troubleshooting practices,
• Proactive, enthusiastic, and passionate about emerging technologies
• Interest in emerging technologies such as AI/ML, AR/VR, IoT, Blockchain, etc.
• Ability to clearly discuss and explain your solutions with both technical and non-technical team members
• A passion for learning new things and taking on new projects

What to Provide
• Links to previous work or portfolio site
• Code examples. ( Github repo, CodePen account, etc )

This role is currently freelance through the end of 2022, but could be converted to a Full-Time position in 2023.